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All our Silver is 98% Pure

Our Silver is only $1 a gram / 500g or more



ER032 Paypal   21 ER033
ER 032     18 gr     ER 033     8 gr
ER34 20   PayPal ER035
ER 034     12 gr     ER 035     12.5 grams
ER036 19   PayPal ER037
ER 036     8.7 gr     ER 037     6.3 gr
ER038 18   PayPal ER039
   ER 038     9.5 gr     ER 039     4 gr
ER040 Paypal   PayPal ER041
ER 040     7.6 gr     ER 041     13.8 gr
ER042 17   PayPal ER043
ER 042     5.7 gr     ER 043     6.3 gr




The Links:

Any order over $500 is only $1 a gram
You can make up your 1/2KG (500gr +)
with any combination of our Pure Silver.
Just click the add to cart buttons until you reach $500 or more.

If you have multiple items

and don't want to click the add to cart 20 times

use the buy now button above

You must have the code's and $ amount ready
when you click the above link, i.e.
Bangle 002 $76 ,BM 030  100 beads $68.34c until you reach $500+


WHOLESALE PRICES                                              

Home of Silver offers quality silver products at comprehensive prices.

All our silver is guaranteed by our Parent company Akha Hill (Akha Hill Tribe Products),

as you can see by our extensive range of Silver we have been selling Akha Hill Tribe

products and Silver for many years.


Sei our CEO started her walki sell business over 25 years ago.

Akha Hill and the 1st Baan (Home) of Silver give hundreds of Akha and Northern Thai People jobs

and a quality of life.


  • Make payments with PayPal, it's fast, free, and secure!
  • PayPal Guarantee all transactions.
  • With PayPal you can use a Credit card or a Debit card (ATM bank card)
  • PayPal except payments from over 62 countries and most currencies.

  • Individual items as marked @
  • WHOLESALE prices are only $1us a gram.
  • This includes hand making, Air freight to your door,
  • Any combination of our 98% Pure Silver.
  • For orders over 500 grams
  • You can return any order for another item / items for free (you pay the freight)

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